Religion – It’s all around us

Welcome to my very first post! Thanks for tuning in, I hope I don’t bore you too much.

I was pondering the subject of my first post, since in my current studies I am focusing on about 30 different topics. All of those discussions are pretty heavy, and they don’t seem to fit a first post, so I randomly decided to type “religion”  into Google and I specified news results for that word within the last hour. Can you guess how many hits there were on that search? A little over 38,000! That’s right – in one hour, religion has come up in the NEWS 38,000 times. Surprising? Then try to recall how many times you discuss anything related to faith or religion in a day, a week, or a month. If you keep track, you’ll find that not only does the subject arise in an obvious fashion, but in more subtle ways as well.


  • Sayings like “The Religious Right” and “The Muslim Extremists”? I’ve heard those on the news, in conversation with family and friends, on the airplane, in class, at the grocery store, and out of the mouth of my doctor.
  • How about “Faith Based Initiative”? That phrase has been used extensively over the last decade – groups like Concerned Women for America, Promise Keepers, and The Rainbow Push Coalition.
  • Even the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has “The Center for Faith-based and Neighborhood Partnerships”.

Politics, economics, freedom, judicial precedent  and laws on the books – all these things are connected in some way to some sort of faith, religious ideology or group. I argue that there isn’t a day that goes by, in your life and mine, where we aren’t in at least minimal contact with faith.

This is my reason for creating this blog. I’m intrigued by the large role faith, religion, and belief play in our daily lives.  I want to examine why, how, and what the implications are for our life, our families, our personal causes, our nation and our world. It’s a big job, but someone has to do it.

My challenge to you for the next few days or week: be aware of how often your life and the subjects of faith and/or religion interact in some manner. I think you’ll be astounded.

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